The Phoenix Area Skeptics Society conducts paranormal investigations. Why would skeptics hunt ghosts? As skeptics we assume that all physical phenomena are–at least in principle–explainable by science and reason. We believe that people with important questions and problems deserve real answers and solutions. While we don’t expect to find anything paranormal, we take all investigations seriously and hope to find an explanation for any strange phenomena we encounter.

Our group of investigators was trained by one of very few professional skeptical paranormal investigators: Benjamin Radford ( Ben came to Phoenix and explained how to properly conduct investigations and actually solve mysteries–not just hunt for anomalies and call them ghosts like “professionals” on endless TV shows. Ben showed us that we don’t need crates of equipment (audio, video, night-vision, thermometers, EM meters, paranormal activity “detectors”, etc.) to do investigations well. All we need is conveniently sandwiched between our ears.

If you have a haunting or other paranormal mystery, please contact the PASS Investigations team at


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