The Amaz!ng Meeting

Every year in summer, hundreds of skeptics gather from around the world in southern Las Vegas for the “meeting of the tribes”: The Amaz!ng Meeting (TAM). This four-day monster of a conference is put on by the James Randi Educational Foundation (JREF) and is the highlight of the skeptical year for those who make the annual pilgrimage.

What is TAM?

TAM is a four day skeptic conference held from July 11-14th in Las Vegas. According to the website:

This annual gathering of critical thinkers is an unparalleled opportunity to make like-minded friends, enjoy some of the brightest minds on issues important to us, and leave with tools for spreading a helpful and skeptical message to those who might be hurt by charlatans and unfounded belief. TAM is like a vacation from the nonsense we confront every day, and a time to celebrate skepticism.

Why go to TAM?

Speakers include skeptic celebrities such as James Randi, Michael Shermer, Susan Jacoby, Jamy Ian Swiss, Jerry Coyne, Barbara Drescher, David Gorski, Steven Novella and the Skeptics Guide to the Universe crew, Harriet Hall, Richard Saunders, and too many more to list! If that weren’t enough, there are also many special events outside the lectures and workshops: a Drinking Skeptically meetup, Penn Jillette’s Bacon & Donuts Party, and the Skeptic Poker Tournament to name a few. However, my favorite reason for attending TAM is making and maintaining friendships with skeptics from around the world. This will be my fifth year in a row, and I’m excited to see my TAM buddies!

What is the venue like?

The South Point is located…you guessed it…on the south side of Las Vegas. It’s way-way off the strip, which is actually a good thing because it encourages everyone to hang out together. It has everything: restaurants, bars, gambling, a pool, a movie theater, and even an equestrian center. Each night the skeptics coalesce around the Del Mar Lounge. That’s where you’ll find me.

I hope you can make it to TAM…if not this year than the next. It’s a wonderful thing to be surrounded by so many fun, interesting, and rational people!

– Matt

For more information on TAM and to register, visit

To join the Phoenix Skeptics in the Pub meetup group, visit


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