Oct. Fail

The End Isn’t Near!

A local news outlet recently reported about the supposed end of the world that is set to happen on December 21 of this year. According to the article many people believe this to be the date of the apocalypse.

“The Mayan calendar ends on December 21, 2012, so many people believe that date to be the end of days.

According to CNN , the calendar had a 5,126-year cycle, so many wonder why the ancient civilization, known for their advanced grasp on astronomy, chose this date.”

There are many problems with this view, but the most glaring is that according to Discovery News, the Mayans never predicted doomsday! “The end of a calendar cycle doesn’t mean it’s doomsday. Lacking a culture to renew the Long Count, it looks like the final cycle — the 13th bak’tun — will come to an end… and that’s about it.

All the hype surrounding marauding celestial bodies (Planet X, Nibiru, errant asteroids and comets), weird cosmic occurrences (killer solar flares and galactic alignments) and crazy Earth-shattering events (polar/geomagnetic shift), is just that, hype.

The Mayans, on the other hand, are real and their descendents are planning on having a big party on Dec. 21. It is a reason for celebration, a time to remember the last cycle of a wonderful calendar system that represents the last breath of an ancient civilization.”

Here in Phoenix you can celebrate the un-ending of the world with the Phoenix Area Skeptics Society! More details will be released as the non-doomsday draws even closer.


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