New Times shows Best of Phoenix Science

The Phoenix New Times recently released its 2012 Best of Phoenix issue. This time it has a “science-y” twist that is just so cool called “Scientific Phoenix.” They even created an interactive periodic table for each elemental category. Click on the picture below to see the interactive chart.


Many of the categories have a science related theme like: Best Local Sci-Fi Author, Michael Stackpoole; Best Place to See a Dinosaur, Arizona Museum of Natural History; Best Brain Surgeon, Dr. Robert Spetzler of the Barrow Neurological Institute. It also includes tips on where to go to get the Best Science Experiment on an Ice Cream Cone, which is Sub Zero Ice Cream, where they flash-freeze the dessert with liquid nitrogen. There are all sorts of cool categories that mention nerd nirvana topics like rockets, robots and outer space. Check them out!


One response to “Sep. PASS”

  1. Christi says :

    This is awesome! Arizona Museum of Natural History is my fave. I love that museum.

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