Mar. Fail

March marks the 15th anniversary of the phenomena known as the “Phoenix Lights.” Reportedly on March 13, 1997 people saw lights in the sky over the city of Phoenix. Some claimed they moved across the sky in a V formation others claimed they hovered in the air and flickered. One local news outlet reports that a special screening of a documentary in Scottsdale in honor of the incident’s anniversary. This news story claims that no explanation was ever truly offered for the Phoenix Lights. This isn’t exactly accurate, not only is there an explanation there’s two. One year after the original phenomena one Phoenix New Times reporter Tony Ortega pieced together an extensive article explaining not only what was seen in the sky but also why there are so many conflicting reports about the lights.( For the long version click here and for a condensed version click here. )

“For starters, there were two separate events on the night of March 13, 1997 over the skies of Arizona. The mysterious ‘vee’ configuration of lights that so many people across the state witnessed was seen over Prescott at about 8:15 p.m. and traveled south to Phoenix at about 8:30 and then passed over Tucson at 8:45. That’s 200 miles in thirty minutes which means the vee was moving at about 400 miles per hour.

On the night of March 13, news of the 8:30 pm sighting traveled fast, so a large number of people were outside with video cameras when the second and unrelated event, at about 10 pm, happened in the sky southwest of Phoenix. A string of lights appeared in the sky, and slowly sank until they disappeared behind the nearby Estrella Mountain range.”

As Ortega has explained these two separate events have completely different descriptions and completely different explanations.

“As I first revealed in the Phoenix New Times, a young man with a 10-inch Dobsonian telescope, Mitch Stanley, spotted the vee from his backyard, and saw that it was a formation of airplanes.

A string of lights appeared in the sky, and slowly sank until they disappeared behind the nearby Estrella Mountain range. This was later shown to be a string of flares dropped by the Maryland Air National Guard over the North Tac military range.”

So we have two events each with its own explanation. But enthusiasts like the documentary filmmakers don’t think these explanations are good enough. In the interest of full disclosure I have not seen the documentary but I have seen the explanation debunked videos on the documentary website. I found it interesting that the flare explanation was debunked with testimony and demonstration of a V formation flight. Another video debunks the secret military aircraft explanation with video of objects that look a lot like flares, smoke and all, and common sense that a secret aircraft wouldn’t fly over a major city. Of course Ortega’s investigations never claimed the 10 p.m.  flares were in a V formation or the aircraft seen at 8:15 p.m. was a either a single craft or it was a secret.


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