Chandler students are excited to compete in the Hamilton Invitational Science and Engineering Fair (HISEF) that will be held next month.  According to the Arizona Republic “Science educators say science fairs get students jazzed about science, technology, engineering and math at a time when the U.S. needs to boost its competitiveness in a world increasingly dependent on scientific expertise.

“ ‘Science and technology are literally in our backyard,’ said Nicolle Karantinos, curriculum director of Chandler Unified School District. ‘We are fortunate we have a good strong relationship with high-tech companies in Chandler.’ ”

Many of these companies volunteer to work and judge at HISEF.

“The fair is open to fifth- through 12th-grade students whose projects were judged unique and scientifically sound by judges at their individual schools.

Elementary, junior high and high school students just wrapped up their science projects for judging in HISEF and are displaying their research posters at their school science fairs. Up to the top six finishers in fifth grade and the top six in sixth grade will advance to HISEF on Feb. 11.”

“For several years, industry leaders have bemoaned the state of science literacy among U.S. students. They complain they can’t find qualified workers to operate machines or find engineering solutions to problems.”

“ ‘Every kid has to be science literate,’ Karantinos said.”

Sladjana Larson, a sixth-grade teacher who also coordinates the school fair said, this year’s emphasis was on engineering projects at the Knox Elementary science fair.

Other interesting projects included the most efficient way to pop popcorn, the best way to clean an oil spill and the most efficient way to remove a stain, Larson said.

The fair featured 150 projects, including entries from grades that don’t qualify for HISEF. Among the first-place projects in fourth grade was one that explored the relationship between an animal’s color and its ability to avoid predators.


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