Dec. Fail

“Birthers” is a term to describe a group of people who doubt the legitimacy of President Barack Obama’s status as a natural born citizen.  This group continues to doubt the president’s legitimacy despite the fact that he released not one but two versions of his birth certificate, the short version was released in 2008 and the long version was released earlier this year.  It has been reported that Obama had hoped that releasing the long version would lay to rest the conspiracy theories that birthers have been touting ever since he announced his campaign, but conspiracy theories never seem to die they just get more convoluted.

What’s worse is that Monmouth County’s Sheriff Joe Arpaio has decided to run his own private investigation in to the validity of President Obama’s birth at the urging of a few members of the local Tea Party.  According to the New Times (linked here) “Arpaio says he doesn’t have an opinion either way about whether Obama is a U.S. citizen. He says, though, that members of a local Tea Party came to him with 200 signatures asking him to look into it.”  His investigation is focusing on microfiche documents from the state of Hawaii: “According to the sheriff, two twins — the Nordyke twins — were born on August 5, 1961 at the same hospital as the president. August 5, 1961, is one day after President Obama was (allegedly — if you ask a ‘birther’) born in Hawaii. The twins’ birth certificates can be found on microfiche documents that the sheriff says are on file with the Hawaii Department of Health, or some Hawaiian government agency. If Obama was born in the same hospital the day before the twins, according to the sheriff, the posse should be able to locate the president’s birth certificate on similar microfiche files.”

Now apparently that privately funded investigation has hit a snag and Sheriff Joe needs more funding in order to continue (linked here).  The problem with this investigation is that it not only is completely unnecessary but it also lends credence to the conspiracy theory claims. If the microfiche documents are good enough to prove the President’s legitimacy why aren’t: the copies of his birth certificate, the Hawaii newspaper birth announcements, and the statements made by Hawaiian health department officials?  Sheriff Joe save yourself some time and your donors’ money just go to, which has an excellent breakdown and takedown of the birthers’ arguments (linked here).


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One response to “Dec. Fail”

  1. jim armstrong says :

    Bombsheal for all. obamas people used a 1951 birth certificate. am i the only one on earth to see the 5 instead of the 6 on the first birth form showned botton left and right.aug4 on that year was saturday. 1961 it was friday .the twinns born august 5 ,saturday also! Interesting.look at the 1951 please people!!!
    Also were any offices open on the weekend?

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