Nov. Fail

Five-year-old Jhessye Shockley was reported missing by her family in early October. A few weeks later an area psychic offered unsolicited opinions on the circumstances of the girl’s disappearance. (For the full story click here.) It’s not uncommon for people who believe they are psychic to offer their “visions” in high profile police cases. In fact, it will often benefit the psychic’s reputation because if they are right people will remember, but if they are wrong people tend to forget they said anything at all. In this case the psychic had made a number of claims: that Jhessye was taken by a stranger, “a black female, heavy set, round face… and a red scarf that she covers her hair”; that Jhessye was alive; that she was being held in an apartment in Phoenix; and the kidnapper’s ex-con boyfriend was involved.

Earlier this week the police investigation took an entirely different turn when Glendale police arrested Jhessye’s mother on suspicion of child-abuse and possibly homicide. (Click here and here for more information.) “This is by no means the end to this investigation,” police spokesman Sgt. Brent Coombs said. “Our mission is still to find Jhessye, even though we believe it’s unlikely she’s still going to be alive. We have a commitment to do that and to bring justice to the person or persons responsible for her disappearance.”

At this point no one but those involved know exactly what has happened to Jhessye. We do know that things aren’t looking too good for that psychic’s predictions. I for one am thankful that all indications point to the police following evidence rather than someone’s guesses. Especially, because even if the psychic had good intentions his information could have potentially wasted the department’s resources and time, depending on how seriously they investigated it.


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