First FAIL

Last week a number of people saw a “glowing object” streak across the Arizona sky. One local news station, at least, reported on it and the first explanation mentioned on the video is UFOs. I realize that the anchors in the video link are discussing UFO (in the Alien visitation sense) as a tongue in cheek type of joke but they don’t seem to realize that they are encouraging UFO enthusiasts. Also, the news anchors tone makes the explanation of a plane on fire seem less plausible.  At the end of the video the other anchor says that the claims that the object was moving horizontally through the sky which might rule out a meteor. Well I’m not an expert in astronomy or geometry but even I know that your angle of viewing a falling object can make it appear to be falling in odd directions, particularly when you happen to be standing on a spherical, rotating planet. The follow up video was somewhat better.


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2 responses to “First FAIL”

  1. marc j says :

    Where is the UFO video you are talking about.

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